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Oct. 26th, 2005



Okay you guys, I need your help like whoa. I'm going to participate in a poetry reading here at my university and I picked out the best of the best poetry I've ever written and now I'd like some feedback in deciding which poem I should read at the event.

I'd appreciate itCollapse )

Oct. 24th, 2005



Well, I now have 119 works in my poetry journal, so I decided to organize them. I don't like that the great poems are next to the blah ones.

Greatist Hits

I have "the best" and the "best of the best." The "best of the best" turned out to be 21 entries. Those are my absolute favorites and also the ones people have told me are their's.

It's me again!

I have a craving for a cheese sandwich and radishes!

I was in the paper today! It was a picture of me fencing "Sam." I use quotations because it doesn't really look like Sam. I noticed that I'm a tiny person. Sometimes, it just hits me how small I am.

Also, the picture made me self-concious because I thought my form was bad.

In other news, I don't know why I'm in math. I think that every time I'm in that class. I'm thinking "Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy??!!!"

I need to eat something. Mmm....

Oct. 23rd, 2005


welcome to my inner sanctum

I just got back from Chipoltle's. I was there....approximately 5 hours. Just hanging out and talking in the restaurant. I went to fencing and Jason, Alex, Nancy, Lisa, and I went there afterwards. And as usual, we spent way too much time just goofing off. Good times.

I went to my Nanny's house yesterday. I saw "Wallace and Grommit" with my cousin Renee and my second cousin Zac. It is quite funny. We ate at O'Charley's where my cousin Jessica works. I looked at pictures of her baby that died the day it was born. It was so sad. It's coffin was the size of a tissue box.

Today, I went to Nanny's church. It's a baptist church, but the women have to wear head coverings if they don't have long hair. It's so pretty b/c it's just a small church in the middle of the country with hills and woods surrounding it. I looked out the window of the church wishing I had a camera.

I've had a good day/weekend. But now I have to work on my history paper that I have put off for a very long time that is due tomorrow. I will probably first get something to eat, though. Because, even though I just got back from Chipoltle's, I ate there about 4 hours ago.

Oct. 22nd, 2005


Last Night's Dream

I was on a river boat. The river was more like a very large and deep creek. I thought it was strange because we were traveling upstream against the current. And our boat was moving backwards. All at the same time. I was on some sort of mission with some people that I was involved with professionally to find the corpse and loot of some man.

We made a stop at a port somewhere. It was somewhere that I had my own apartment, too. So I went to my apartment. There was a door that adjoined the next apartment to mine and the lady next door had 2 crazy little girls. In the dream, I had a few male suitors that would come to call (Yes, I put it old fashionly for some reason). And these little girls would just come running around my apartment while they were there.

One of those suitors held me over where I was late for reboarding the river boat. When I came back to it, it had drifted off in the middle of the river and was sinking. I got a life jacket and was swimming out to it to rescue the people that were on it. As I came closer, I realized I might have been too late b/c there were just bodies surrounding the boat underwater. Though a few had survived, clinging onto the last part of the boat that was above water. I started pulling bodies out and when I did, they were breathing.

I saw some children below the surface of the water that were by this underwater cave. So I went down to rescue them. I found that the cave they were by did not have an opening. So, in order to get back up to the surface, I decided to grab them and push off against this wall to jolt us back up. Right when I pushed, the wall gave in.

The body of the corpse my team was searching for and his loot were behind this wall. I was acclaimed and praised for discovering it.

Oct. 21st, 2005


when you're gone, colors seem to fade

AH! I just saw the movie, "Just Like Heaven." I cried. It's so incredibly sweet! I loved it!

*Sighs Again*


I can't escape my romantic nature. I'm sorry. Romantic in every sense of the term.

I can't stop smiling.


I'm covered in marker. Green, Orange, Black. Dry erase markers all over my arms and face. It's 2 in the morning and I have a class at 8 and I'm going to stay up and shower.

Tonight was so great. Perfect, even.

When I arrived back at the dorm, girls were stopping and staring at me. The overall question was, "Should I even ask?" My reply, "*smile* Marker fight."

After fencing, Nancy, Alex, Jason, and I just decided to stay at the armory and play....games. And talk. omg. It was so much fun.

Wow, we were at the armory 6 hours. 4 of those hours, we were not fencing.

Oct. 20th, 2005


(no subject)

I have not disabled anonymous posting.

Because I have friends that aren't on LJ that read my journal.
Because I love comments!

If you wish to post anonymously, I have no problem with that (obviously). But I do ask that you either leave your name, or if you don't wish to, then leave a pseudonym that explains who you are (however vaguely).

I just like to know who's reading my journal, you know.

Example pseudonym: The Quixotic Cow (totally off the top of my head, no idea where that came from, but you get the idea).



I just got back from Starbucks, so I'm quite hyper right now. Rebecca + caffiene + espresso = SBIIIIIIIIJJJJJJJJJJZZZZZZUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH

Okay, so these pictures of aborted fetuses...or however you make that word plural...have been showcased outside the classroom building for the past 2 days. They are very gorey and extremist pro-life. So I'm walking back from Starbucks (caffe mocha with a shot of espresso in hand) and I see a guy from my english class named Ian standing there, silent as the grave, arms crossed, FLIPPING OFF THE SIGNS with about 4 or 5 police around him, making him empty his pockets, and confiscating his items. I actually stopped and talked to people on the sidewalk I'd never seen before. Apparently, when he first got there, he started ripping up paper and squirting water everywhere, but eventually just decided to protest peacefully and stand there. So that's why the police were there. It was so awesome! He must have balls to just stand there and make that kind of statement.

He's in my writing group in English. I hope he doesn't get arrested. I (hyper as hell) ran over to the little pro-choice table on the side and exclaimed to the people there what was going on. I got to be the informant. They were like, "Maybe we should go over and applaud him."

Again, I am against abortion, but I suppose I'm a moderate if those people outside the classroom building are extremists. Like, there are actually some situations where abortions are understandable. And I thought what Ian was doing was awesome. Standing up for what you believe. I was quite impressed.

Speaking of standing up for your rights, I am going to file a complaint agaist the psychologist that breached the doctor/patient confidentiality and told the university information about me. I'm going on the basis that what he said was first of all, false information, and second of all, I came to Frazee in reform and made it abundantly clear that I was not planning on harming myself (which is the only reason you can breach the contract). So the contract was therefore breached in violation of my rights.

I'm writing my English paper about oil! I've decided. It's quite interesting.

Oct. 19th, 2005


butterflies and complaints

Complaint List
1. Math sucks! I hate it.
2. There's nothing to do right now. I'm bored.
3. I'm also hungry and I've eaten half my food.
4. I need to clean my room.
5. I haven't done my homework.
6. The internet is consuming my life. But I'm addicted.
7. I wanna do something. Let's go somewhere. Anybody!

1. I just went and had cookies in my RA's room with a bunch of girl's from my floor and it was really fun!
2. Me and my roommate are talking about accupunctures and dream meanings.
3. The girls I just hung out with are addicted to facebook just like me!
4. I'm no longer hungry b/c I ate cookies!
5. I'm quite easily amused/satisfied.
6. You really don't understand...I'm very easily amused...my History professor made fun of my laugh today. It was funny.
7. This list didn't turn out to be much of a list, but it still makes me happy.

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