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November 2005

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About my new car
My parents brought it up yesterday. It's a gold (? tan...whatever) cavalier that has 2 doors. It has EXCELLENT gas mileage. My mom drove it up from Paducah and it still had 3 quarters of a tank left. She could have driven it all the way back and still had some left over. Also, it does not have very many miles on it at all. And I drove it a bit. It's very powerful and smooth. And it fits my smallness. Woo. Again, I won't be parking it on campus until next semester, so for now, it's only for driving home (or to church or shopping or whatever), so I'm parking it at Aunt Becky's.

Fencing Movie Night
I was with my parents and brother for like 30 minutes and then they took me back to the dorm so Jason could take me to the movie night at David's house. My mom actually came over to meet Jason and scared him to death. She kept asking him all these questions. She didn't really believe it was a movie night and thought we were all going there to get drunk, apparently. Later, she said Jason handled it quite well (it took him a while to recover from the incident, however) and she thought he was a nice guy. So the joke with me all night was, "Your mom wouldn't approve."

We watched the Family Guy Movie, Donnie Darko, and Captain Blood (an old Errol Flynn movie). Nancy made us this cool pasta dish (and set aside me a vegetarian version). Jason made this amazing cake. Everyone took a trip to Wal-Mart after the first movie. There were so many of us that went in there all at once, it looked like we were storming the place. When we got back, we did Pixie shots. You just put a combination of pixie sticks into a shot glass with mountain dew and it makes for quite the sugar rush. So I was up until 3:20 in the morning.

This morning
My parents picked me up for church and we went to Porter Memorial. I liked it. I'll just have to check out their college ministry a bit. I know I'm not going to find a liberal protestant church in Lexington, plus, it will probably be good for me (and appease my parents).

Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden. I requested we go there because I can get a pasta meal with no meat there and my parents wouldn't even notice I am a vegetarian. The hard part will be trying to convince them why I don't want any turkey on Thanksgiving. I'm too full, perhaps?

My cousin Jo is pregnant. Her first child's name was Cierra Willow...something something. And if she has another girl, her name will be Abigail Fallon Fern Sun. I like the Abigail Fern part. You don't hear Fern alot anymore.


BTW, you just made a very common mistake. The word is spelled: SACRILEGIOUS