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in what ethereal dances

by what eternal streams

dream a little dream of me.
14 May 1987
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I am obsessed with soap.

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alexander, archaeology, babies, baby names, baby's daddies, beach boys, beetlejuice, being alone, being girly, being happy, being in love, being lazy, being myself, being random, being surrounded by people, blindside, blue eyes, brushing my teeth, cats, chocolate, christianity, christmas, church, classics, climbing, coldplay, cuddling, dancing, death cab for cutie, dirty dancing, dom monaghan, donnie darko, downtown, dreams, eating, emily dickenson, family, feeling clean, feeling cozy, fencing, fleetwood mac, flowers, four feathers, franz ferdinand, french fries, friends, getting letters, getting new clothes, girly nights of boy-bashing, god, going on crazy adventures, going on drives, going on mission trips, gone with the wind, gorgeous eyes, grape juice, greek mythology, gummy worms, halloween, hands, hanson, harry potter, history, holidays, hot lotr guys, hugs, jesus, johnny depp, joy, kissing, kittens, laughing, lip gloss, listening, living, lord of the rings, losing weight, lost, love, luke wilson, maroon 5, medicine, memories, mirrors, movies, music, my boyfriend, my friends, never-staying-in-one-place-for-too-long, nickel creek, night, not growing up, number 14, pasta, peter adams, peter pan, philosophy, pickle victory, pirates of the caribbean, poe, poetry, posing for pictures, praying, presents, quotes, rain, reading, rem, romantic poetry, roof tops, running away a lot, saucy minxes, scrubs, seattle, shouting, singing, sleeping, sleepy hollow, snow, soap, solitude, songs, speaking german, speaking spanish, star wars, stories, success, sushi, swimming, sylvia plath, taking showers, talking, the bible, things-that-only-exist-in-memory, thinking, thrift stores, tiny things, traveling, university of kentucky, washing, wee things, white christmas, windy days, winter, worship, writing, writing poems, zach braff