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November 2005

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i should get back to work, preciousss

Woo! I am currently writing a paper about oil. Yes, I actually chose this topic. It's one I've been interested in lately. I actually chose it because I didn't know much about it and I wanted to educate myself and such. When I say oil, I mean "humans are using up all their energy and contributing to the destruction of the environment through the burning of fossil fuels and the oil companies and the government believe that oil is still a very necessary and useful product."

Today, I went to Aunt Becky's. I cleaned her windows and I baked cupcakes for Jason and Alex. I arranged them on a tray with some candy and gummy rats in the middle and took them to them. I felt very domestic, which is quite a rarity.

Tomorrow, I get money. I'm cashing a check Nanny gave me and depositing it into my account and Daddy is refilling my checking account some more. Which is good, because I'm actually down to 13...something. Yes.

Okay. My parents went car shopping this weekend. They picked out 2 cars that I might like. The thing is that they want me to get a job or else, I can't get the car. I can't get a job this semester. Not yet. I can't get one til next. I'm just far too busy and still acclimating. So we comprimised. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I will be working at the Pretzel Place again. When I go home for Christmas, I will also be working. So really, I should consider being here at school my break because going home means working 12 hours a day by myself or with just Terry during the Christmas season in a mall.

Sucktastic. I talked to Terry tonight. She hasn't hired anyone to replace me. She said the owners don't trust anyone but me and her. So it's just the owners and us.


Amazing cupcakes!
Thank you so much!