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Nov. 15th, 2005


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From this point on.

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Nov. 13th, 2005


(no subject)

"being just a step away from,
happiness and sanity blurs,
and drives her crazier"

That describes my mood right now.

In other news, I just typed a whole entry, then I went to go retrieve those lyrics and I came back and the entry was gone, so I'm typing it again because it was short.

I don't want to
Study latin
Finish my paper about oil
Go to class tomorrow

I want to
Find someone to look at the moon with me
Watch a movie or tv
Go for a walk perhaps

I also have to urge to go to the forest. Any forest. As long as it's a few hours away and has this criteria:
So, if anyone is feeling spontaneous at any point and wants to go to the forest, I'm more than willing. I've been thinking about this for a few days now.

Nov. 6th, 2005


I just wanna get it on with you


I am currently sobbing over my computer listening to a homemade cd that Beth Walter sent me in the mail. All songs that remind her of me (that make me cry). The package was enclosed with sentimental letters from her, Tater, and Rachael (written before stuff happened).

It has sound clips from the movie Alexander where Alexander and Hephaestion are being all mushy (Beth and I always "awww"ed and swooned over them). Sound clip from LOTR ("Don't go where I can't follow"). Sound clips from Harry Potter ("I've just now confiscated a rather curious item..."). Sound clip from Love Actually ("Lots of sex and babies").

And the songs: (Remember, these are all songs that remind her of me)
The end of the Bridge of Kazaa Doom where Gandalf just died music
Blue Eyes (Cary Brothers)
Fix You (Coldplay)
Tiny (Waterdeep)
Volcano (Damien Rice)
Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
God Only Knows (Beach Boys)
String Bean Jean (Belle And Sebastian)
Sweetest Goodbye (Maroon 5)

It also came included with Walrus noises made by the lovely Tater Nance.


About my new car
My parents brought it up yesterday. It's a gold (? tan...whatever) cavalier that has 2 doors. It has EXCELLENT gas mileage. My mom drove it up from Paducah and it still had 3 quarters of a tank left. She could have driven it all the way back and still had some left over. Also, it does not have very many miles on it at all. And I drove it a bit. It's very powerful and smooth. And it fits my smallness. Woo. Again, I won't be parking it on campus until next semester, so for now, it's only for driving home (or to church or shopping or whatever), so I'm parking it at Aunt Becky's.

Fencing Movie Night
I was with my parents and brother for like 30 minutes and then they took me back to the dorm so Jason could take me to the movie night at David's house. My mom actually came over to meet Jason and scared him to death. She kept asking him all these questions. She didn't really believe it was a movie night and thought we were all going there to get drunk, apparently. Later, she said Jason handled it quite well (it took him a while to recover from the incident, however) and she thought he was a nice guy. So the joke with me all night was, "Your mom wouldn't approve."

We watched the Family Guy Movie, Donnie Darko, and Captain Blood (an old Errol Flynn movie). Nancy made us this cool pasta dish (and set aside me a vegetarian version). Jason made this amazing cake. Everyone took a trip to Wal-Mart after the first movie. There were so many of us that went in there all at once, it looked like we were storming the place. When we got back, we did Pixie shots. You just put a combination of pixie sticks into a shot glass with mountain dew and it makes for quite the sugar rush. So I was up until 3:20 in the morning.

This morning
My parents picked me up for church and we went to Porter Memorial. I liked it. I'll just have to check out their college ministry a bit. I know I'm not going to find a liberal protestant church in Lexington, plus, it will probably be good for me (and appease my parents).

Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden. I requested we go there because I can get a pasta meal with no meat there and my parents wouldn't even notice I am a vegetarian. The hard part will be trying to convince them why I don't want any turkey on Thanksgiving. I'm too full, perhaps?

My cousin Jo is pregnant. Her first child's name was Cierra Willow...something something. And if she has another girl, her name will be Abigail Fallon Fern Sun. I like the Abigail Fern part. You don't hear Fern alot anymore.

Nov. 5th, 2005


10 reasons to date a dancer

Okay, so I'm an update-whore. I've finally admitted it, but I got this off of Emily's xanga, who got it off of Tamela's xanga and I totally had to post it!

10 Reasons to Date a Dancer
1.we know all the positions
2.we have perfect technique, good rhythm, and great hip rotation
3.we're used to having bruises on our knees
4.we're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing
5.we're perfectionists: theyll keep going until they hit it
6.we can shake it like no other
7.after a quick intermission we're ready to go at it again
8.we don't mind getting hot and sweaty
9.we're not as delicate and fragile as we look
10.one word..FLEXIBILITY

Btw, OMG! It's so nice outside! I'm going to wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt today! Woo! And my parents are coming up and I get to see them and they're bringing a car and I'm going to movie night tonight!!! I'm so excited!

(no subject)

This was so disturbing.

I just woke up from an unsettling dream. In the dream, it was morning. I was in my dorm alone. I got out of bed. There was this corpse lying there limp at the bottom of my bookshelf. I felt this immense feeling of pity for it and went over and started kicking it to wake it up. At that moment, a very bright light started emitting from my computer, calling me to enter into it. I wanted to do it, but something from the mind of the corpse told me not to. At the same time the light appeared, a hardcore sickness came over me, like in real life. I started feeling sick to my stomach and my back started hurting me (not as a part of the dream, but as a real feeling). Then, another auric light appeared. Thistime, it appeared around the corpse...a black light. It was death. I was passionately trying to ward death away, but it was like death was laughing at me. Then, the corpse started to open its eyes and its eyes started to emit the white light. In real life, I started to get so sick, that I couldn't sleep anymore with all this auric light blinding me in my dream.

So I woke up and typed this entry.

Nov. 4th, 2005


(no subject)

This is for y'all!Collapse )

Nov. 2nd, 2005


das ist Gisela!

I didn't want to wait to take a personality test so I took one about the left/right brain on tickle.com!Collapse )

Nov. 1st, 2005



OMG! I'm sorry for the whole one update after another thing, but this is important!


Mine and Marlene's room is haunted!

There was a haunting incident 2 rooms down from us on this floor last year. Things were being moved around and weird stuff like that. Suzanne says the residents of that room now don't know about it. Which is probably for the best.

To know that a haunting actually happened 2 doors down from us last year, and the fact that Marlene's speakers are picking up strange frequencies and making UNGODLY noises is kinda freaky. I mean, I've never heard speakers sound like that before. Especially in the middle of the night. They'll just start going at random points while we're sleeping. It kinda sounds like a siren with strept throat.

I haven't picked up anything on my cell phone like I did at the Columbia. If I were a presence, I'd probably go for the bigger, noisier object anyways to make myself known. Whether or not this is real, it's very freaky. It's especially freaky to Marlene b/c she scares easily over stuff like this. Like backwards Beatles songs and such.

Oct. 30th, 2005


i should get back to work, preciousss

Woo! I am currently writing a paper about oil. Yes, I actually chose this topic. It's one I've been interested in lately. I actually chose it because I didn't know much about it and I wanted to educate myself and such. When I say oil, I mean "humans are using up all their energy and contributing to the destruction of the environment through the burning of fossil fuels and the oil companies and the government believe that oil is still a very necessary and useful product."

Today, I went to Aunt Becky's. I cleaned her windows and I baked cupcakes for Jason and Alex. I arranged them on a tray with some candy and gummy rats in the middle and took them to them. I felt very domestic, which is quite a rarity.

Tomorrow, I get money. I'm cashing a check Nanny gave me and depositing it into my account and Daddy is refilling my checking account some more. Which is good, because I'm actually down to 13...something. Yes.

Okay. My parents went car shopping this weekend. They picked out 2 cars that I might like. The thing is that they want me to get a job or else, I can't get the car. I can't get a job this semester. Not yet. I can't get one til next. I'm just far too busy and still acclimating. So we comprimised. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I will be working at the Pretzel Place again. When I go home for Christmas, I will also be working. So really, I should consider being here at school my break because going home means working 12 hours a day by myself or with just Terry during the Christmas season in a mall.

Sucktastic. I talked to Terry tonight. She hasn't hired anyone to replace me. She said the owners don't trust anyone but me and her. So it's just the owners and us.

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